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Dramatic floor-to-ceiling curtains work great in rooms that already have high ceilings; however, shorter ceilings need more traditional curtains to help make them feel warm and cozy. When trying to make a small room feel larger by manipulating your curtain’s length, hang the curtain rod high, but have the hem stop at the windowsill. Try to avoid having the curtain hem hit the floor, especially if you used a heavy fabric, as this can make the room feel crowded. Net curtains give homeowners the opportunity to flood rooms with natural light while retaining privacy, and they can be made to complement a complete curtain package, adding functionality as well as flair. Net curtains are not only a popular window covering choice but also one of the most affordable. Voile with its transparent and sheer effect is a much more luxurious and attractive window fabric than its coarser net predecessor. It also comes in much prettier colours and shades to the extent you should be able to find a voile curtain material to match the interior of a current room in your home without any real difficulty, such is the variety available today. Colours, patterns and textures are the defining features of curtains and blinds so it comes as no surprise that choosing the right design scheme is something everyone labours over. Here are a few tips to help make your choices clearer. Padded pelmets add flair to any room, and they can be designed to match or complement the curtain fabric. The pelmet is a feature in itself, and it also covers the rail or pole.

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Quality drapery panels can regulate the temperature in your room by keeping out the heat in warm seasons and preserving it in winter. They can make your sleep healthier by blacking out up to 99% of light and providing mild sound insulation. Apart from that, window drapery panels can be anpart essential part of home security, ensuring a high level of privacy whenever you need it. Net curtains are similar to voile panels because they are lightweight and transparent. However, nets are often white featuring a knitted pattern whereas voiles are delicately embroidered. Net curtains are often preferred by allergy sufferers as they are easily washable. They don’t harbor as many dust particles as elegant curtains do and open the windows while keeping the mites out. Small living room but like the softness of a window dressing made from fabric? Choosing the best net curtains will create a generous effect and it won’t take up space alongside the window or create bulk against the wall. You may have heard the word nets thrown around when discussing curtains, but what are they really? You may find yourself asking this question when deciding whether you need to incorporate them into your home. When selecting

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for your home, the choice must be made by evaluating the rest of the room.

Layering Is Easier With Softer Fabrics

Patterns can spice up your interior. If there are no patterns currently in your decor, you can go with a bolder design to draw attention to your beautifully decorated window. If you already have patterns in your room, for example, a geometric or damask pattern on your cushions, try choosing something that will match the current style for a cohesive look. There are rules to follow to help you get window dressing ideas just right. These address certain issues like ceiling height, dealing with color and pattern and the big question – do you let them drape? If you are looking to select curtains for home improvement then you need to consider some important factors such as design, décor, and nature of the room. When choosing curtains, determine whether you're going to buy dry-clean only or washer machine friendly curtains — it will save you time and money in the long run. Keep in mind that you can ruin high-quality curtains by trying to wash them yourself. No matter what the look of your room, the style you want to achieve or the shape of your windows and doors, net curtains are the ideal choice and there’s one to match your tastes. Keep in mind that the


in one room may be different to that in other rooms.

The most obvious and most common way to dress up your windows is with a stylish pair of net curtains. You can usually find discounted net curtains on the cheap or if you want you can really splash out on a designer pair. It’s best to choose the colour scheme of your room before you pick your net curtains, then you can match them to the rest of the tones in the room. A good set of drapes adds color and warmth to any room, making it feel like home, but where do you hang the rod? And if you go with drapes in the living room, what do you hang on the dining room window? The truth is if you don't know the basics of window treatments, styling your windows can be a huge challenge. Net curtains are incredibly versatile. Depending on the effect you want for your home interior, you can get net curtains in various materials, depths, style, prints, and colours, so they help you achieve the tone and theme you want in a room. Net curtains are a decorative piece that can wonderfully transition your indoor and outdoor living spaces. By softening the incoming light and framing the windows, nets can enhance the ambience of the room. When you open the windows and let the gentle breeze blow through, the movement of the nets will add a nice stylistic touch. Ideally, the colour of your curtains should match with the colouration of the rest of the room. Whether it contrasts or matches the room furnishings is a personal preference. You can either pick a colour that is complementary to the walls of your room or otherwise. It is entirely your decision to make but an important fact to think about. The

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must be suitable for the particularities of the room in which they are located.

Adding Flair

To create a sophisticated atmosphere, choose neutral tones or self-prints for your curtains. Colourful fabrics and bold textures are a better choice if you’re looking to create a dramatic statement, but they can make a room feel a little smaller. Net curtains are usually made from 100 percent cotton which makes them lightweight. They may also be made out of cotton-polyester blends that are not as expensive as the material of your heavier drapes. Plus, with the versatility of net curtains, you will definitely be getting more than what you’re paying for. Sheer curtains are made from transparent, lightweight material that acts as a wonderful light filter. That means that sheers still allow sunlight to enter into your room, but their fabric acts as a light diffuser, which softens the natural light. For many people, choosing between styling windows with either blinds or curtains is a tricky decision. Curtains often provide a more traditional, elegant style in the home, while blinds tend to look more chic and contemporary. If you’re trying to keep the costs down while decorating, blinds often come at a much lower price, especially for larger windows, but the right blind will still add the perfect finishing touch to your room. Trims can be added to curtains or pelmets for a unique look. You could also add tie-backs, these could either be in the same fabric or there are many other designs to choose from. Poles also come in many finishes from wood to chrome with different finials – select one to suit your style and room. Before purchasing

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it will be essential to carefully take the measurements of the window that you intend to decorate.

When buying curtains, it's a good idea to base your purchase not only on their looks, but also on how much light those curtains let into the room. Another important factor when selecting curtains is the materials they’re constructed from. A curtains material serves several purposes beyond being decorative. Thinner materials are used to create sheer or semi-sheer materials while thicker materials are used in semi-opaque and blackout curtains. Depending on the materials, the curtains may also possess additional features as well. When it comes to proper measurements and window – curtain ratios, there are a some general rules designers use. The main rule is to place the panel 6 inches above the window frame and to add 4-8 inches more on each side (left & right). This way you will have “a breathing area” when the curtains are opened and blocked view when they are closed. The choice of the curtain height is up to you. When there is a talk about important fixtures of a house, homeowners would agree that curtains and blinds are just as important as anything else. There is no denying that windows are a point of attraction for any home and that is why they are decorated with curtains and blinds. Sheer panels, valances, Priscilla curtains, and sheer scarf curtains are window treatments of choice. The sheer panel curtains are perfect for French windows or a door window. Valances are available in simple colors and woven patterns. The decorations available for valances and for window drapes add a certain level of comfort in a room and is often used in country-style rooms. Since the sheer is light, it provides some warmth from the sunlight coming from the outside. When shuffling between your favorite

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ideas, there are a few key points for you to consider before purchasing.

VFM For The Long-term

Net curtains can be as flat or as full and gathered as you prefer. This refers to the fullness of the curtains and the width of material in each curtain. Usually net curtains are hung so that they fall into soft and free folds. The folds are also referred to as ‘fullness’ or ‘gather’ and can be created by adding more fabric that is two or three times wider than the window width. Curtains may be recycled (depending on their fabric/materials), but it is important to check whether it is possible in your specific area. Fabric fiber, regardless of specifics, is a valuable commodity and may be used in a variety of new products. Local waste management companies welcome inquiries to manage the disposal of curtain material and Some local charities welcome donations of these kinds of articles for resale. Dark sheer curtains will create a contemporary and striking point of difference against light interiors. Not only do dark colours make a bolder feature than light sheers, they are also the best option to choose if you have a view that you want to showcase. Arguably, the best advantage of darker coloured sheers is that they will show less dirt, so you can install them in your home knowing that they will stand the test of time without looking tired and worn. Discover additional information on the topic of Perfect Fitting Curtains in this link.

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